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Principal Architect

Faye Portrait BnW.tif


Faye graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Masters of Architecture. She went on to work at award-winning RT+Q Architects, where she learnt to hone her skills for technical execution and fine detailing. It was also there that she obtained her Practising Certificate from the Board of Architects, Singapore.


Following RT+Q Architects, Faye went on to work for a developer where she project-managed multiple landed housing, as well as hospitality developments. Having harnessed strong skillsets for design execution as well as site, team and large-scale project management, Faye set up MOYA design in 2013, where she focused on development of landed housing as well as hotels.


Faye firmly believes in the strength of creating spaces and forms that remain timeless, with well-executed detailing. With the ability to creatively think out of the box, Faye often strives to provide the best-valued product within set budgets. Her ability to blend soulful materials with honest and well-proportioned architecture is apparent in her completed projects.


Faye has also gathered vast experience in the field of hospitality architecture, where she has led and collaborated with internationally acclaimed interior designers like Anouska Hempel Design, Decoration Jacques Garcia, La Maison London, Sempre, and Kelly Hoppen, to produce stunning and award-winning hotels in Singapore and in Europe.

Senior Architect


Z-chian Chua

Inspired by the drawings boards on her father’s desk, Z-Chian was drawn to the world of architecture since young.

After she graduated from the University of Tasmania with an honours degree, Z-Chian embarked on her journey in architecture and had since practiced for more than 20 years. 

Z-Chian looks forward to each project and believes that every project brings new learning opportunities and fresh ideas. Her design principals are driven by simple solutions and careful details.

During her free time when she can get away from her two children, she enjoys a good catch up with friends.

Senior Architectural Associate

Adeline Toh.jpeg

Adeline Toh

A senior architectural associate at MOYA design with years of experience managing residential projects. 


Adeline graduated with a Master of Architecture from the National University of Singapore. Her idealistic side believes that well curated architectural spaces, which encompasses both sensibility and good image, can greatly affect one’s mental and emotional subconscious state.

Outside of work, she enjoys the company of, and going on adventures with her two young ones.


Architectural Associate

Yap Yee Chen

Yee Chen is a graduate of the National University of Singapore with a master's degree. 


She is often intrigued by how architecture could orchestrate how people perceive, feel, and experience spaces.


Her interest lies in understanding the intricate connection between design and the subtle nuances of daily life. ​Beyond the realm of architecture, she loves taking on adventurous pursuits, photography, and tennis. Hailing from Penang, her culinary curiosity make her a foodie.

Eng Khang.jpg

Architectural Associate

Tan eng khang

Graduated from the Singapore University of Technology & Design with a Masters in Architecture, Eng Khang pursues his childhood dream in bringing his sketches on paper to life.

With both an art and architecture background, he treats every design as an artwork and aims to direct emotions into every space.

Besides his creative interests, Eng Khang spends his free time in the gym and engaging in sports that start with "B" - basketball, badminton, and boxing.

Architectural Associate


Audrey Chan

Graduated from the Singapore University of Technology & Design with a Masters in Architecture, Audrey sees architecture as a powerful tool that bridges the relationship between people and nature in this increasingly digitalised age.


While she enjoys designing spaces that allows people to find comfort in nature, Audrey’s fascination with space and astronomy makes space architecture a niche interest of hers that she wishes to someday work on - what an astronaut!


Architecture aside, you can spot her art-catching at art markets, exhibitions, galleries and museums.

Project Coordinator


shawn wong

Having been enamored with the concept of design twice, build once using 3D
modeling software with project coordination during his studies, Shawn began his
journey to understand modeling and coordination in all aspects of construction.


Whilst grasping the concepts, Shawn felt that he had lacked perspective that could
not be obtained from just working in the modeling field. He decided to take the leap into project coordination and aims to better himself and broaden his horizon.


When the workday concludes, you can find him leaning back listening to music and
picking up novels to wind down or investigating the latest consumer technology to tinker with.

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